Sunday, February 20, 2011

As I Follow the Chord to Your Voice

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' sophomore album is as good but sadly not as popular as their first. Their new EP is good as well.

I'm losing my penchant for words. Blame it on a lack of sleep if I may, but I think it is really due to my brain cells getting fried. I have nothing to write about here. Whenever I try to write lyrics, they get erased by quality control. Not saying that the previous ones were good. It's just that they either sneaked past QC or the QC at their time had a lower standard.

This lack of sleep is bad. So is the insomnia. But since I spammed 5 cans of energy drinks the past week, they could be the cause of that insomnia. I basically stared at darkness for 1 - 2 hours before falling asleep. And of course I was thinking, possibilitizing, what-iffing as I stared. My mind doesn't go blank at night. I actually think it is most curious at night, but my eyes do not allow its curiosity to reach its full potential.

And as a consequence of my owl-like habits, I have obtained panda eyes, a cranky attitude, laziness, nonchalance, and I don't feel in top condition. Hell, I think I'm turning into a sloth, but at least they feel in top condition(I think).

So yeah, this post will be one that seems like parts of pages of different magazines torn out and pasted together to make one page. I confused myself there but what I meant to say is that there won't be a fixed, overall topic to this post. Just because I have nothing else to continue the previous paragraphs.

How is it back home? I want to go home so much. My mind tells me to stay here and get a job or research position because it will help in the future. But deep down, I know that I want to go home. I don't want to get started on listing the reasons I want to go home. It will just probably bore you out like how a boring movie will make you sleep. But if you want to know, I think some hints are around. You just need to scavenge around here to look for them.

Random and as out of place as it may sound, Drop C is my new favourite guitar tuning. It sounds so bad ass. Now I just need my brain to embrace some words and knit them together into an awesome set of lyrics. Dreaming? No, I think it is possible.

The green tea, apple flavored SLAP energy drinks are the best I have ever tasted. And due to their current promotion, they are the cheapest as well. Yeah, I should stock up on some of that essence of staying awake.

Shit I am running out of things to say, and pictures too. So I guess I will stop pressing the keys on the keyboard soon and pick a pencil and go do my work.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy CNY

Oh, how I miss celebrating Chinese New Year back in Malaysia. Those of you back home and celebrating with your family, I am happy for you and obviously sad for myself. While those who are not going to be home celebrating, you are not alone.
I'm too tired to update much but I finally got my second pickup yesterday and since classes were cancelled today due to sonic winds and sleet that makes people feel like they are being shot by gattling guns.

I spent 3 - 4 hours installing the damn pickup because I had to remove the other one as well. And it wasnt really worth it because I am not impressed by the sound. Oh well I guess that is what I get for buying a second hand pickup that is 8 years old.

Here is the final product.
Oh well, Happy Chinese New Year.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Can We Pretend It's Always Been Okay

Framing Hanley invokes some sense of nostalgia in me.

So, yeah. I have finally decided that it is time to call time on my celibacy from posting here. With that comes the lifting of the barrier that says only invited readers can enter. And by that, it meant that only I could enter. Without further convoluting statements, I hereby welcome you back here in this mini, insignificant reopening.

Alright, so what made me unprivatize this blog? I don't have a specific reason except I felt like doing it. Who cares anyway. But, I have pictures. I'll come back to that later.

Amidst the revelation that this semester is going to be an ardous, brick shitting, tough as diamond semester, I needed something that would be a substitute for comfort food. So, I did. I chanced across this electric guitar selling for just $65. It is freaking cheap compared to my 2 other electric guitars. Being fresh from the future kick in my face, I clicked buy because it was cheap and I needed some 'comfort food'. Well, electric guitars are perfect substitutes for that.

Oh, I didn't stop there. I thought "Why get only an electric guitar? It will most probably be worse than my current one. I should get some fancy stuff to pimp it up." And so I did. I bought a pickup, my favourite set of strings, and some stickers for it. I performed the plastic surgery on my guitar yesterday.

Here are some pictures showing the before and after of that long procedure that was new to me.

(top)The 'patient' with the tools and ingredients for the cosmetic surgery.
(below top) The 'patient' after the procedure.

But there was still something bugging me after the modifications. So with the leftover stickers, I gave more 'tattoos' to the guitar. I present to you, the final product.

I am somehow slightly uneasy over some of the sticker placements. I keep thinking they could have been better. But the rice has already become porridge. I dont think they will stick well after I remove them and change their positions. So I should learn to live with it. It's life after all.

Guess what. That one pickup cost me more than the guitar itself.

Guess what else. I am thinking of getting another new pickup to replace the stock pickup at the neck of the guitar. But I doubt that will be anytime soon. Hopefully the price of the pickup I am eyeing drops by the time I need more 'comfort food' and decide to buy a new pickup.

This new toy of mine not only looks good, but sounds great too. That vocal chord change I did by changing the pickup gives it an awesome sound to my ears. It's EMG afterall. But maybe it is just my POD since I used a different amp configuration.

Alright, I think I'm going to watch a movie now, and maybe sleep halfway through it.

Friday, August 6, 2010

You Gotta Risk It To Get The Biscuit

Title is my favourite quote from Fired Up, although its kind of illogical because I don't really like biscuits, but it rhymes so I'll stick with it.

I wonder how people can magically weave their words into exotic sounding sentences. Something along the lines of "And the scent of her beauty travelled on the back of the silky wind and was picked up by the almost wolflike sense of smell of the hero and he glided so gracefully across the serrated ground below him to the side of the damsel in distress and liberated her from the chains of stares from the catlike curiosity of the people who have never seen such perfection displayed in front of their tools of sight, but to their deepest despair, the last things they will see are crimson tidal waves of blood and a slight glimmer of the hero's sword as he crashes it down through their bodies."

Yeah I think you get the idea. Just imagine that the above sentence is 100 times better because i rate it a 0.1 out of 10.

So I drove around the roads in my mind looking for the answer only to arrive at dead ends because according to my mind, it is a philosophical answer. And Since I will have to take 1 or 2 philosophy classes in the near future, I might as well get started.

And so it brings me to the long living debate of nature versus nature. I always choose nature and nurture because I hope to get half of the marks instead of zero in an exam question. So nurture would be the first to my mind as we have composition classes. But nature is an intrinsic factor, if the brain can store all the skills necessary to cast the magic of words, then it would be easy but if the brain cant, then I would think the person will face constipation of words when trying to write mind blowing sentences. And back to nurture, the person must be exposed to the galaxies of vocabulary available to boost the colors of his sentences.

However, I think that the shortest philosophical answers are the best. Therefore, It doesn't matter how magically you can weave your words, in the end, all that matters is how you use your words to get what you want.

I want another getaway to a peaceful beach where I can just lose track of the fourth dimension whilst being immersed in the serenity and the beams of life from the ever blazing sun. Where there would be no pesky distractions while I mull over and make the most important decisions of my life so far, not that it has been very long. Oh well, I guess my wisdom tooth wouldn't permit it anyway.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Theoretically, Its Possible but Practically, Its Doubtful

I have 1 hour to spare till the next World Cup game so why not blog. I don't wanna sleep coz I know I won't wake up. It happened during the finals of the previous World Cup but I did watch that match in my dreams and call it a novice attempt at soothsaying but if I recall correctly, France won in my dream but Italy won in reality.

So I'm in college doing my summer school when I'm supposed to be enjoying my holiday by lazing around and getting my hands all over my guitar. This past week I had to drive up a stream of vehicles which drive so aggressively that its like fighting river rapids. Coupled with my car which won't accelerate when I want it to but accelerates when I don't want it to. I hate driving when the roads aren't clear because I don't have the mental power to focus on the road all the time and I think the brake pads on my car have been worn off till they are like sanitary pads trying to make four ferociously spinning circular pieces of vulcanized rubber stop.

However, I haven't been studying and I think you know what happened next. No lightbulbs lit up in my head for 1 question out of each of the 2 exams I took last week. So I was forced to blindly solve a calculus and a physics question although I didn't manage to find a way out and somehow collapsed due to mind-blankness during that question. I hope I answered the other questions well.

I also need to meet up with the other half of Chase in a musical setting to churn out new material for another songwriting competition that is looming in the horizon. Its a month since I came back and there has been no progress. This stagnancy is starting to worry me.

Time, time, time, time, if I could make you stop, rewind, fast forward, pause, and play as though you were my DVD player, I would be a happy, happy boy.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Platonic Life

Since I came back, did nothing constructive, did nothing that I had in plan before coming back here, did nothing that I can be happy with, and did nothing related to Chase's musical pursuits apart from purging out some ideas that can hopefully be used or with an even lower possibility, be a hit. And 3 months is a pretty super freakingly short ass time to get all of these things done because I most probably not be coming back here in more than a year after I go back to the states.

And I guess after 1 and a half weeks, I'm starting to get used to college life. Not the waking up at 7 am part, but the part where I finally start to feel a little more comfortable.

I don't even feel like blogging. Well at least I've got something to look forward to, and I hope that it doesn't throw me down in the dumps.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Jekyll In Hyde

Never have I in my most sober state thought about writing a song that references a work of literature as I have no interest whatsoever in literary masterpieces. The language used is too convoluted for my understanding. They beat around the damn bush just like I do most of the time and due to my short attention and memory span, I forget what was read earlier, leading to not fully grasping the plot and important events in the story.

However, I guess the weirdest inspirations pop up at the weirdest times. The title of this post is the title of a song I just wrote. And guess when and where my brain decided to give birth to it? On the bus right after my Chem exam. Luckily it was not during my Chem exam or I wouldn't be able to concentrate. After all, if a pregnant woman has twins, she cant just pop the both of them out at the same time unless......(I'm not gonna say it). Same with my brain, it can't ejaculate 2 brainchilds at the same time. One has to come out first.

Aaaaaanyway, I'm pretty darn pleased with the way the song came out. Lyrics are better quality monkeyshit and its pretty catchy by my biased standards since I came up with it. I hope I can remember it till I reach home, if I don't, it isn't catchy. I guess it's about time I expand my lyrics to be about some random (insert any animal name here)shit.

And how could I forget to mention that my Finals are over!!! boomshakalakalaka. And I'll be able to step foot on the not so nice green grass of my home in 6 days. But first, I have to clean up my room and pack all my junk up into boxes and move them into storage. Ahhh, spring cleaning never smelt so bad. When the flowers bloom, I have to clean my room.